Frequently Asked Questions
New Client FAQS

We are focused on maintaining the health of your natural lash. Our lashes will not break or damage your natural lashes.

We bring years of experience to create individualized eyelash designs.

We only use top quality materials for the softest, comfortable lashes.

With such a large inventory of lashes in the greatest variety of lengths, curl patterns, diameters, and colors, we can customize your personal style better than anyone else.

We use only the most current industry standards and techniques.

We are the only salon that offers a 4-week minimum training program for all our new hires. No Intern completes our intensive Internship until they’ve met our high standards.

Appointments of one hour or more (including all-new sets or refills) require a deposit of $25/40 to confirm (PMU services deposit of $50). This deposit will come off the total price of the appointment on the day! Deposits are transferable or refundable up to 24 hours for lash services/72h for PMU services before the appointment. If you need to cancel or reschedule your booking on the same day as your appointment, your deposit will be voided and kept by Mallyna®. If you would like to rebook a set or refill after a late cancellation, a new deposit will be required.

Give yourself time.

Allow 90 minutes to 3 hours for your first appointment.

TIP: If you have lash extensions on currently, and would like to have them removed, please let us know
so we can schedule additional time for a lash removal service.

Get ready to relax.

Avoid caffeine before your appointment, as it can make it difficult to lie still during the application process.

Arrive with a fresh clean face.
Remove all eye makeup. Avoid using sunscreen or moisturizers. Do not wear mascara to your lash

TIP: Try not to use waterproof mascara 2-3 days prior to your appointment, since it can leave a residue that can prevent extensions from adhering correctly.

Wear glasses or remove your contact lenses prior to your application.

TIP: If you wear glasses often, please wear them to your appointment so we can give you the
appropriate lengths.

You will first sit down with one of our experienced lash stylists for a brief consultation. She will
examine your natural eyelashes and discuss the look you want to achieve.

After this conversation, you can listen to music. Your lash stylist will cover your lower lashes for protection, then begin the process of individually bonding extensions to your natural lashes.

The procedure is safe, painless and relaxing – so much that you may find yourself drifting off!

At the end of the procedure, your stylist will remove the protective covering from your lashes and
give you a first look at your new eyes.

Appointments are generally recommended, especially for weekend and evening requests (between 3 – 7 pm), which are the most popular and can sometimes book out several weeks ahead. Please book online here or contact us to arrange a time that suits you.

Yes, if you are under the age of 18, with the permission of a parent or legal guardian who will need to sign your consent form or give us written permission. If you are under 16 your parent or legal guardian must accompany you to the appointment. Lashes are becoming popular for formals and we do create some beautiful natural enhancements.

At Mallyna Lash & Brow®, we offer 7 beautiful eyelash sets: Natural, Full, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Hollywood, Russian and Mega. All clients receive a full consultation before the service begins. During this time, you will learn of the different lengths, curls, and thickness of the eyelash extensions. Our lash stylists have lots of experience helping guests find the look they love—they’ll be happy to help you too! Since each extension is applied individually, all sets are 100% customized for each client.

Before your appointment we recommend to check out our Instagram page to see fullness and styles options. Please be advised that not all looks are fully achievable and vary per person.

Yes, we have gift vouchers! You can purchase them online on our website or in any of our salons.

Scheduled treatments are reserved especially for you. We understand that situations arise in which you must cancel your appointment. However, we require 24-hour advance notice for the eyelash extension appointment and 72- hours for the PMU appointment. In order to cancel or reschedule any service with no charge. If your appointment is not canceled within this notification period, your appointment is considered confirmed.

Any changes or cancellations made after the 24/72-hour window are subject to a loss of your deposit. This policy also applies to a gift card and certificate holders.

If you are unable to keep your lash appointment we would appreciate an advanced notice, if possible, so another guest may get in.

For the deposit, you may pay with any major credit/debit card. The day of the procedure the remaining
balance may be paid by cash or credit/debit card – we also accept Apple and Google pay.

If you arrive late, your session may be shortened in order to accommodate others whose
appointments follow yours. Regardless of the length of time already given, you will be responsible
for the full session. Please note that we have a 15 minutes late policy. If you are running more than
15 minutes late, Mallyna Lash & Brow reserves the right to cancel the appointment if we determine
that there is not enough time to perform scheduled service to our standards. The deposit payment
for the appointment will not be refundable. As a courtesy and consideration to your lash artist and
other clients, please plan accordingly and be on time.
Lash Services FAQS
Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are “Luxury Mink” Lashes that are attached to your natural
eyelashes. Unlike false or strip lashes, extensions are glued one by one to individual eyelashes and
NOT to your skin. Extensions enhance your natural beauty by adding length and fullness to your
existing lashes. They let you wake up looking radiant and walk out the door without as much as a
swipe of mascara!
Yes – the eyelash extension adhesive we use is top quality and almost fume-free, approved for
cosmetic use and safe for your eyes. It is also very long-lasting. The eyelash extensions we use at
Mallyna® are the highest quality available, with the lengths and thicknesses specially customized to
suit you! All equipment is thoroughly disinfected before each use. We use masks for hygiene,
practice thorough hand-washing and sanitizing between clients.

It will depend on the type of lash extension set you have chosen, as each set varies in time. We always
recommend a consultation with a Mallyna® Receptionist or Certified Stylist.

● Do not get your lashes wet for at least 24 hours after application;

● Avoid intense workout and using a spa, sauna, pool, tanning for the first 48 hours after eyelash extensions were applied;

● Avoid oil-based products as they can break down the adhesive;

● Avoid rubbing, picking or pulling your eyes;

● Avoid using Waterproof eyeliner/mascara;

● Avoid using an eyelash curler;

● Avoid wearing Strip lashes;

● Try to keep away from the high HEAT (ex: BBQ grills, ovens);

● Please keep lashes clean by regularly washing with oil-free foaming cleanser.

Absolutely Not! Mallyna® – Certified Stylists are highly trained and experienced in a proper lash
extension application and isolation technique, which is the key to the health of your natural lashes.

Since the extensions are applied to your natural lashes away from the base, never touching the skin, the
growth cycle of the natural lash is not affected, which will maintain integrity of your natural lashes. We
are using extremely light lashes that can not harm your natural lashes.

Yes, it’s absolutely Normal! Your natural Lashes have their own life cycle which is 60 – 90 days, so it’s absolutely normal for lashes to fall out with your extensions, or without them. It’s hard to notice if natural lashes are falling out, but when attached to a thicker, longer lash they become much more noticeable!

The longevity of lash extensions will vary from person to person depending on their maintenance. To
maintain the look, refill appointments are necessary every 2 to 3 weeks (depending on the original
set) to replace the lashes that have shed or outgrown naturally. Our adhesives are formulated to
hold the lash in spite of your busy lifestyle.
Whilst we welcome clients wearing extensions from elsewhere and are happy to work in with other
good quality lashes. In some cases, we are unable to refill lashes done elsewhere due to issues of
quality – primarily extensions being stuck together, excess glue and cluster lashes or heavy pre-
made fans being advertised as volume, which sadly many places still do. However, if you are
wearing good quality extensions (all properly separated from one another, no clumps or long
twisted lashes) that you would like refilled, feel free to pop in and we can check your lashes to see if
this is possible, or send us a clear, aerial view shot and we’ll see if we’re able to.
Our Natural Lashes are constantly growing, that’s why we recommend our clients to get refills every 2-3 weeks. The time can vary for every client based on a variety of factors ( how fast your natural lashes are growing, how you maintain them after your initial appointment etc.). Please be aware that if you are going over 3 weeks, make sure to have not less than 50% of your initial set, otherwise you might be subjected to a new set price.

Yes! Eyelash extensions are suitable for everyone. When you come for your appointment our Mallyna® –
Certified Stylist will consult with you about different lash extension set options that you can choose from
to create a look you desire based on the conditions of your natural lashes.

Eyelash extensions should not hurt when applied correctly. They are applied with professional tools by isolating one lash, and adhering one extension to your natural lash for classic lashes or fans for volume lashes.

When you come for your appointment, please, consult with the Mallyna® – Certified Stylist and specify
what kind of sensitivity you have experienced before. We have different product options that can be
used for clients with higher sensitivity levels.

If you feel that you may be allergic, have a sensitivity to glue or you have experienced an allergic
reaction before it is recommended to come in for a patch test a few days prior to your appointment. If
any reactions occur, please contact your lash technician immediately and we will remove eyelash
extensions with no charge or seek medical attention.

Yes, lash extensions are safe to wear with contacts. You may need to remove your contact lenses
during your eyelash extension service, but you will be okay to put them back in after your service
is complete.

We’re happy to help! Please book a consultation so that we can take a closer look at your existing lashes and discuss your options. If the lashes are unsafely applied, we may recommend removal and replacement with a fresh, customized set from one of our highly trained stylists.

We do not recommend that you apply mascara to the eyelash extensions.

However, if you wish to do so, you may. Most clients choose eyelash extensions to avoid mascara
altogether, and that is the goal we have in mind for you. We would recommend you use a mascara safe
for eyelash extensions and avoid a mascara that is waterproof. Waterproof mascara and any type of oil
based mascara dissolves the bonding agent of the extensions and causes them to fall out sooner. Also,
take care in washing off all eye makeup. Only use an oil-free eye makeup remover.

Yes. The bonding agent we use is waterproof and allows you to shower, swim, exercise. However, we recommend that you DO NOT WASH your eye area for at least 24 hours after the initial eyelash extension application. This allows the bonding agent to fully dry and prolong the life of your extensions.

We would not recommend using eyelash curlers while having eyelash extensions! You run the risk of
damaging the eyelash extensions if you crimp them. If you desire a look where your lashes look more
curled, we will choose a curl that will meet that requirement.
It’s best that you wait 2-3 weeks until the product that was used during the lash lift process is
dissolved enough to allow for correct bonding between your natural lash and the lash extension.

Lash lift procedure does not touch the surface of your skin, however sensitivity or a reaction may occur
for pregnant women. As with any beauty service, we would recommend pregnant women to consult
with a physician before the Lash lift procedure.

Brow Services FAQS
Mallyna® Microblading is a semi-permanent technique done with a manual tool that applies pigment in the upper layer of dermis, mimicking hair like strokes or creating a shade like look. Microblading is for those who want to redefine their eyebrows. Whether you have naturally thin brows, or your brow-ends are fading with age, microblading has the ability to add volume and color to your eyebrows. Microblading can also reshape your brows, adding more angle to your arch or more detail to your ends.
Mallyna® Ombre/Powder brows, is another technique, using a machine to apply the pigment
directly into the skin. The result is a soft, fuller, powdered eyebrow giving a subtle effect. This
procedure produces wake up and go results and is great for all skin types.
This technique combines the microblading method to create hair-like strokes with the shading method for more density. With Microblading & Shading Brows the head of the brows are feathered with hair-like strokes while the tails are powdered for that perfect definition – this is considered the ultimate brow treatment.

Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time. These
aforementioned act as blood thinners and will cause excessive bleeding. Excessive bleeding will
result in results that can be unpredictable.

Avoid plucking or waxing your brows within 72 hours of your scheduled appointment. You may get
your brows threaded.

Avoid exfoliators 72 hours before services. Ex. Skincare products that contain glycolic acid,
Renova, and alpha-hydroxy acids.

It is very important to follow after-care instructions that were provided to you after your appointment.

Day 1
You may experience redness however this will subside within a few hours. DO NOT expect your
brow tattoos to heal perfectly after the first session. This is a 2 step process. It takes time. BE PATIENT during your 10 day healing process your brows will change and appear different from
day to day.

Day 2
The pigment in the brow area will appear darker than the initial color of the first day. This is due
to oxidation of the pigment and is a normal occurrence.

Day 3
The skin in the brow area will begin to scab. You should continue use of the aftercare cream you
were given at the time of your appointment.

Day 4-8
The skin in the brow area will continue to scab and eventually shed. It is of utmost importance
that you do not pick the scabbing prematurely. This could cause pigment to life prematurely
and/or cause scarring to the service area.

Day 9+
The crust should have completely shed and the pigment behind may look very faint. DO NOT
WORRY!! The color will return gradually in the days to come. When the flaking sheds, the hair
strokes may seem faint as a fresh layer of skin has healed over the brow tattoo. Give your brows
a few weeks and the hair strokes will become clearer.

Day 10-14
Your brows are healed externally! You may continue to resume washing and makeup in the brow
area. As a precaution, you should never chemical peer and/or exfoliate directly over the brows,
however, your normal skin routine may resume.

Post Day 14
*Your brow tattoo will take up to 4 weeks (28 days) to fully heal underneath the skin. The color
will continue to change on a daily basis until all healing is complete at the 4 week mark.
*You may experience itchiness in the brows after the 10 days for up to 2 months due to the
healing process of the dermal layer.

This varies from person to person; everyone’s results are unique. Typically microblading lasts anywhere from 2-3 years. After your initial session, there is a mandatory 5-6 week perfecting touch up session. Additional sessions may be required to achieve the desired results and color retention. The results and longevity will depend on how you take care of your brows during the healing process and beyond.
95% of our clients do not experience any pain. However, pain varies from person to person. We use a
topical anesthetic before and spray-anesthetic during the procedure to make the process as
comfortable and pain-free as possible.
Everyone heals differently, but it typically takes approximately 7-14 days. Your skin may appear a bit
red after your procedure, but that should fade very quickly depending on your sensitivity. For the
first 2 days, your brows will appear darker and bolder in shape. On the 5th to 7th day following your
procedure, your brows will flake and the color of the tattoo will appear as though it has
disappeared. Don’t fret! The color will reappear as the skin regenerates, and the color takes on new
strength as the skin heals. The true color of the microblading should be visible within 5- 6 weeks
following the procedure.

At the beginning of your appointment, we will discuss what you want your new brows to look like
(pictures help as references, so bring your brow inspo!). Then your artist will create a brow design
specific to your facial bone structure and desired finished look. Your artist will take measurements to
make the brows as symmetrical as possible and will position them appropriately.

We use high Quality Permanent makeup pigments which are made specifically for permanent cosmetics
and microblading.
We choose a color together and select the best match for your skin tone, hair, eye color and
personal preferences. We choose a color that matches your natural brow hair. If you tint your brows
regularly you MUST tint them 2-3 days prior to your appointment. Also remember, while choosing
your color it will fade about 20-50% after your first visit.

The microblading service is split into 2 appointments. Your initial session will take approximately
2.5 – 3 hours. Your touch-up session 5-6 weeks later will take approximately from 40 minutes up
to 2 hours. Please note these times may vary slightly.

We do not provide microblading for anyone who is: under the age of 18 years old, pregnant and/or

If you have any health concerns (diabetes, high-blood pressure, etc.), please schedule your
consultation before you book your appointment as you may need to consult with your physician.

We highly recommend to book your additional touch-up session 4 to 5 weeks later.

Yes. The price will be determined after consultation. Please note that there is a possibility that we
may not be able to work on your brows.

Your artist will provide you with a detailed instruction card and aftercare ointment so you know
how to care for your amazing new eyebrows!

We would recommend you to avoid staying in the sun, sauna, steam rooms and pools. Avoid excessive working out for at least 3-4 days following the procedure.

We do not recommend getting massages, facials or any face skin treatments during the healing

It’s Time To Love The Way You Look!